TREATMENT – Various Options Available

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Here at Denver Ortho we offer a variety of treatment. With our free consultation we can discuss what treatment option works best for you. We offer different options, so you can get the treatment you desire without interfering with your lifestyle. Whether you have been advised by your Dentist or not, we can help you make the decision to create a new beautiful smile.

Treatment Options

retainer treatment

Why is it Important to Seek Treatment?

As you may know or can imagine crooked teeth can become hard to clean and care for. Brushing and flossing is highly effective in preventing gum disease and other issues. An over crowded mouth could cause individuals to run a greater risk of cavities and gum disease from inability to reach certain areas.

Avoiding care could also cause situations to get worse. When it comes to children, early detection is the best way to prevent overcrowding and long term issues. Although early detection is the best option, it is never too late. The longer an individual waits to act, the higher the risk of overcrowding and long term damage.

A beautiful smile can make the difference. Whether interviewing for a new job, asking the person you like out on a date, or presenting a sales pitch to a new client, your smile could make all the difference. First impressions are based on what we see. Confidence and a beautiful smile could often be underestimated. Don’t delay any longer, with all of the options we offer, we can find what works for you!

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WARNING! The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) strongly advises against individuals utilizing internet and videos to perform self treatment. Moving teeth is a medical procedure and requires professional assistance.