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Why Early Detection?

The American Dental Association recommends that children be evaluated by the age of 7. The most effective treatments take place with young children. Due to the nature of growth changes at these early ages we often get quicker results. Often times that means cheaper treatment. While your child may not yet be ready for orthodontic treatment, it is important to evaluate them now to see any patterns that may be starting and to ensure prevention of abnormal and obstruction tooth formation.

What is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Plain and simple interceptive orthodontics is preventing a problem from occurring. While bones are still growing in a child’s jaw we have the opportunity to reform the arch and make room for more teeth through the use of an expander. Before permanent teeth make their way through the gum line it is possible to intercept and redirect or reposition while they make their way to a settled position. While interceptive orthodontics may not alleviate the need for braces, it certainly helps promote a positive growth pattern and may reduce future treatment time.

Make Braces Fun! Dental Retainer

While braces may not be appealing or attractive for adults, kids seem to make the best of them. Make the most of your treatment and feel more involved while selecting color combinations with each visit. With the vast range of elastic bands and  your child can choose to wear his/her school colors or plan for upcoming holidays.



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