What is Invisalign?

It is a way to promote the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without braces. This is a more comfortable approach to treatment. With invisalign most people wont even know you’re undergoing treatment. We thoroughly examine our patience to create a quality and structured treatment plan.

Why choose it?

benefits of invisalignInivisalign uses a clear aligner which corrects your smile without the whole world knowing you’re undergoing treatment. It allows more comfort than traditional braces. You will find with braces that you have to watch what you eat or how you eat. You will also find it difficult to keep the areas clean. With this treatment you can remove the aligner and eat all of your favorite food. Brushing is they same as it always has been when you can simply pop the aligner in and out. Invisalign is a great option!

How does It Work?

This simple. After thouroughly examining your mouth we create a structured program. Every couple weeks you will come in and swap your old aligner for a new one. As your teeth gradually reform, a newly fitted aligner will continue the work. You will be continually examined throughout treatment to ensure quality progress is being made. While everyone is different, it is genrally about a 12 month process.

Can Anyone Use It?

Denver Invisalign can work for anyone. This is a gentler treatment. Generally, invisalign is best for teens and adults. Kids are going through structural changes  and invisalign may not give the best results. It works best for repositioning teeth. As children may have other structural issues it is usually better to seek other options. We recommend that all permanent teeth have come in prior to using invisalign treatment.

We are an Invisalign treatment facility. We would like to join you on the journey to a better smile. Call today for a free consultation! 303-219-1950